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The mother was a maid who had wrapped

The idea of a mother killing the baby she kept inside for nine months is incomprehensible, but we list ten of the most gruesome killer mums this century saw. She had previously collected $28,000 in a life-insurance policy for another son who had died in 1980 when his blankets caught fire from a portable heater. She let the oven run for two minutes and radiation cooked the child’s intestines PET injection molding machine and stomach.Andrea Yates.

She methodically drowned all five of her children—aged seven years down to six months—in the bathtub of her home in Houston and told the police and psychiatrists that Satan had ordered her to kill them.But she is not the only one. She had given birth to the babies in her toilet and did not want her parents to know that she was pregnant. While, initially she appeared to be upset and expressed as much on social media, when police interrogated her it turned out that she had reached her breaking point. She was found not guilty by reason of insanity.Nicole Kelly: Nicole allegedly killed her 11 month old son in July 2014. Hannah Turtle, 22 of Shotton has been charged with two counts of poisoning and three counts of ill treatment in the death of her baby James Hughes.Deanna Laney: Another example of mother’s love gone horribly wrong, late one night in May 2003, Deanna Laney awoke and led her two oldest sons, eight-year-old Joshua and six-year-old Luke, outside her home, where she proceeded to smash in their skulls with a giant rock. The new mother put her bare hands on the mouth of each twin until they fell silent and stopped breathing. “I didn’t want him anymore,” was what she told the investigating officers.

The authorities were tipped off by her husband when he found a baby wrapped in plastic in the garage. This was confirmed by a pathologist.Ka Yang: The woman from California burnt her seven weeks old baby in the microwave oven in February 2012.Bianca N: She left her four-month-old daughter in her apartment while she went to a Halloween party. It is thought that Turtle administered antidepressant drugs to baby James which led to his untimely death. Then she smoked a cigarette and shook the boy again. Tobias: She shockingly killed her 3-month-old son because his cries were distracting her from playing Farmville on Facebook. She was given the lethal injection in 2005.Megan Huntsman: The 39-year-old murdered six of her own children, one after the other.

Wrapped up and fed, the baby lay there like that until mum came back to find her dead. She apparently turned off the smoke alarm in her apartment where her estranged husband, ten-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter were living, squirted a liquid accelerant all over and set the house on fire killing all of them.Frances Newton: A planned murder, 21-year-old Frances from Texas used her boyfriend’s gun to kill her husband, seven-year-old sun and 21-month old daughter after having their lives insured. However, it turned out that the baby was underfed for several weeks and it seemed that Bianca went around telling people that her daughter would die of a brain tumour. One wonders how could a mother cook her own child. The 22 year old took the dying son to ER where he was pronounced dead. She fled the scene and did not return until the corpse was discovered by social services.

The mother was a maid who had wrapped up her son in a sheet so tightly that he could neither breathe nor move.They say that a mother’s love knows no boundaries and that mums can do anything for their children. Life takes a turn for the worse when the women who gave birth to you are the one’s who take your life away.Lindsey Lowe: Lindsey Lowe is a 25 year old woman who killed her twins only a minute after each was born on September 12. Alexandra told the police that she left the game and shook the boy when he would not stop crying. Their presence in the home was reported to the police by Lowe’s father.It turns out that this is not something new.Alexandra V. It seemed that the baby was left to die of starvation, while mother dearest partied. She admitted to suffocating the newborn babies over a period of ten years between 1996 to 2006 and then hid their bodies in boxes which she would keep in the garage.. Only one of her seven babies survived. The mother claimed that she had only wanted to go for a few hours but was knocked down for several days by 300 Euros worth of drugs. But what happens when mums turn killers?A young mother in Flintshire has been charged with poisoning and murdering her seven-week old son. She then went on to hide the dead babies in a laundry basket inside her room and covered it with a blanket.Robin Lee Row: Robin Lee Row is famous for being Idaho’s only female Death Row inmate. This act could have damaged the baby’s brain and caused his death

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Despite numerous efforts by the civic body

“The garbage thrown by the sea is not only from Mumbai’s creek but also Ulhasnagar and Thane. Despite the ban on plastic and thermocol, the garbage washed up on the beaches contains 90 percent of plastic, polymer materials and thermocals only,” said Gopal Jhaveri, a river activist.Of the garbage collected from July 1 to 30, maximum was from Juhu Beach (2,348 MT) followed by Dadar-Mahim Beach (1,432 MT) and Versova Beach (1,379 MT).Similarly, from August 1 to 12, out of the seven beaches, Juhu Beach recorded maximum amount of trash (1,001 MT), followed by Dadar-Mahim Beach, Chimbai-Waringpada and Versova Beach with 493 MT, 363 MT and 336 MT respectively.

Despite numerous efforts by the civic body, the garbage problem at city beaches seems to be worsening with every passing day.After continuous heavy showers, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) collected as much as 6,173 metric tonnes (MT) of waste from seven city beaches in the month of July. During the monsoon, a huge amount of garbage is seen on these beaches due to high tide and improper cleaning of nullahs. Not just the BMC, even nearby municipal bodies are equally responsible for improper desilting and not curbing usage of polymer items,” said Mr Jhaveri.. The BMC has failed to desilt nullahs properly this year too.

“There has been no decrease in the quantity of garbage thrown up by the sea.Mumbai has seven seashores — Girgaum Chowpatty, Juhu Beach, Versova Beach, Dadar-Mahim Beach, Gorai Beach, Madh-Marve Beach and Chimbai-Wari-ngpada. Whereas from August 1 to 12, around 2,373 metric tonnes of garbage has been collected. This shows that the money spent on cleaning of rivers has been wasted.According to the reports, the BMC collected maximum wholesale HXW variable pump Injection Molding Machine amount of trash on August 7, 8, 9 and 10 when Mumbai received the highest rainfall of this season

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The Pocket is a foldable keyboard that is made from metal

Well, using an OTG cable or a standard wireless Bluetooth keyboard can be an alternative, but what one would prefer is mobility and portability. With tiny display screens (even if we talk about a display as huge as a large iPad), the keyboard still feels smaller. Those with stubby fingers could find it a little cumbersome. As mentioned earlier, Pocket has a magnetic lock that also acts as a power switch. So what do you do Employ an external physical keyboard. A small LED on the right denotes the charge with a red colour.ZAGG has been providing smartphone accessories such as cases, keyboards, audio and more.5mm width, 14. The LED glows blue denoting Bluetooth connectivity.

Nevertheless, you can use the home button on the lower left which will take you to the home screen. Best of all, it works effortlessly with the use of Bluetooth technology.The keyboard has hybrid injection molding machine Manufacturers tiny Chiclet keys, similar to conventional laptops. There are two large space keys that can make typing easy, but the smaller keys, especially the tiny Enter key will need a little getting used to. Use the key combinations and pair with the smartphone, rest the phone on the ledge and you are ready to type away. The ZAGG Pocket is a quick, portable and comfortable physical input alternative to the sluggish onscreen keyboard.

The ledge can hold a smartphone of any size, with or without a case. While the keyboard may be a little expensive, this one can be used across a range of devices you own. The keyboard is basically 85 per cent the size of a conventional laptop keyboard and suits all typing needs. All in all, the Pocket is a perfect companion for your smartphone and if you type a lot on that little device, and are usually at your desk in office or at home, you should opt for one. Moreover, when you are used to a desktop keyboard or a laptop, you tend to end up being sluggish when using a smartphone or tablet—the speed of typing and the accuracy can never be achieved with an onscreen keyboard. On the right side, you will find a micro USB slot which is used for charging the internal battery. The Pocket is held by a simple magnet as a locking mechanism and opens up to reveal the keyboard.Pairing the keyboard is very simple.The ZAGG Pocket is probably a unique product for many. With a built-in battery that can last you for months on a single charge (depending on your use), you could be carefree and carry the keyboard around wherever you travel. The ZAGG Pocket is available in India and priced at Rs 5,399. We recommend the Pocket for those who are chatter boxes, and even for executives continuously on the move. A small ledge or lip opens up to accommodate the smartphone where the device can sit comfortably. The keyboard is meant to be kept on a flat surface only and cannot be used on a lap.

The keyboard folds into half and then folds again into the upper half which holds the circuitry and battery.The Pocket is an all-black keyboard with a metal top and bottom sporting a brushed aluminium finish.ZAGG, a company that many may not have heard of in India, has been into manufacturing high-quality accessories for smartphones and tablets. The rear half of the Pocket, as explained, contains the circuitry and the battery, which sits at an angle slightly more than 45-degrees. With a simple key combination, you can get the status of the battery, which blinks in green (thrice for full power, twice for medium and once for low battery).The keyboard feels and looks very feeble—thanks to the slim profile and plastic build that makes it look weak, but equally elegant. The keyboard has all the necessary keys, however, we did notice that the ‘Esc’ key isn’t present and that could cause a little issue with those used to an Esc key (Android or iPhones don’t use an Esc key anyways). Their product range includes cases, protective sleeves, shields, keyboards, audio products and a few more.(This story originally appeared in the deccan Chronicle as may the case be).5mm height when folded). Here comes in ZAGG Pocket, which could be a solution for your keyboard on smartphone needs.

The Pocket is a foldable keyboard that is made from metal and ABS plastic. But these are smaller, and yet comfortable. The keyboard can also support smaller tablets, but larger tablets and iPads are not recommended. The intention is care, protection and usability for all expensive technology gadgets that we use today. The Pocket employs a three-fold design and folds inwards into a thin long package, making it easily pocketable at 194g and 223. Whether you are in office, at home or in a hotel, you don’t need to pull out your laptop to send those urgent long emails, or make changes to your online documents or even send speedy instant messages. Once you open it, the keyboard turns on.5mm in length (54. The read has a kickstand to support the smartphone/tablet on the rear end. You can use your Android charger or simply plug it into any USB port on your PC or laptop.Rating: ****In terms of usability, a smartphone today lacks a friendly soft keyboard.The ZAGG Pocket is a versatile keyboard that is very light, highly portable and foldable

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